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Recovering deleted files from a system C: drive
If data has been deleted or lost from C: then it is recommended that you download and run the No Install edition of FileRestore Professional.
When a file is deleted (either by accident or intentionally), the Windows operating system neither moves nor erases the file. Rather, Windows will designate the area on the drive in which the deleted file (or files) is located as available for immediate use. The file and folder information is no longer listed in Windows, but the file and folder data is still on the drive AND is exactly where it was before it was deleted.

If data has been deleted or lost from the system drive, C: then it is VERY IMPORTANT once it is realised that data has been deleted that the drive activity is kept to a minimum, i.e. that a user stops using the drive, otherwise Windows, or another program, will start writing new data to the newly allocated “free” area of the drive.

Stopping the use of the device (the drive) will minimise the chances of Windows overwriting the deleted data. Once a deleted file is overwritten the deleted data will no longer be recoverable.

FileRestore Professional has been created with an option to run directly from the FileRestore.exe file. FileRestore Professional can be saved to, for example, a small memory stick, pen drive, floppy disk, etc. The pen drive can then be connected to the computer (in the instance where files have been deleted from the computer) and the computer scanned. The recovered files can then be saved to another drive/partition or to the pen drive depending on the total size of the files. NEVER save the recovered files to the same drive from where they were originally deleted. Saving recovered files to the same drive will potentially overwrite the very same files that you are attempting to recover.

FileRestore Professional No Install provides the best opportunity of recovering deleted file and folder data from C: