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Product Features
FileRestore for Networks has a comprehensive list of product features:
  • Recovers files and folder structures over a network and over the internet.
  • Creates drive image files over a network and over the internet.
  • Recovers files and folder structures from local drives.
  • Recovers files and folder structures from RAID.
  • Installs a recovery service on all computers on the network. When data is lost, the administrator selects the remote computer from the recovery console and recovers the lost data.
  • Computers that are running the recovery service broadcast their active (protected) status to the administrator console.
  • The recovery service is either push-installed or deployed with Active Direcory Group Policy.
  • Creates a customizable client installation file for AD deployment. 
  • The client service can be configured to only permit a connection to a remote computer when a password is correctly submitted.
  • The client service can be configured to only permit a connection to a remote computer when the connection attempt is accepted by the remote user.
  • Client service retains the history of the remote computer connection attempts.
  • Recovers files from all types of drive including, computer hard drives, usb drives, memory cards, pen drives, digital cameras, iPods, floppy disks, etc.
  • Recovers files from deleted partitions.
  • Recovers files from reformatted drives.
  • Recovers files when removed from the recycle bin.
  • Recover files when they have bypassed the recycle bin.
  • Read only file recovery. The software will not overwrite previously deleted data. 
  • Fast scan option. Scans drives in minutes.
  • Scans drives with bad sectors.
  • Scans drives with no boot sector.
  • Scans very large drives.
  • Scan for lost files even when the file system is lost.
  • Scan by File System, cluster size, etc.
  • Scan by sector range.
  • Scan Free Space only.
  • Scan for deleted files only.
  • Retain scan results for later recovery - Local Mode only. 
  • Scan results are displayed in a file type view, folder view and thumbnail view.
  • Exclusive LiveView feature displays previews of deleted and lost files.
  • Previews deleted Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, photos, pdfs, images, etc.
  • SEE video file previews and HEAR audio file previews.
  • File Previews available during a scan. 
  • Filter by file type, size, creation date, modified date, last accessed date, etc.
  • Multiple save options e.g. highlight and select files, right click and select files, etc.
  • File Discovery™ - Recovers files with lost file names.
  • Photo Discovery™ - Recovers photos with lost file names.
  • Recovery Settings provide a summary of files scanned, by type, condition, etc.
  • Postfixes duplicate file names.
  • Sort files by type, name, size, folder, date, etc.
  • Saves the original Create and Modified dates.
  • Batch (multiple file) recovery. One click and all files are recovered. 
  • Renames files with corrupted file names.
  • Event log records all recovery events.
  • Supports NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 file systems.
  • Supports non-Windows drives where the drive is visible to Windows as a drive.
  • View drive properties.
  • Tool Tips available to provide a quick user guide reference.
  • File recovery and drive imaging Wizard.
  • Export scanned file results to a .csv list.
  • Previews files with incorrect file type extensions.
  • Comprehensive user guide and product support.